Multi-Family Apartment Site in Auburndale, Florida

List Price: $21,000 per key

Welcome to Auburndale’s prime opportunity for developers! Nestled at the intersection of the Polk Parkway and Old Dixie Highway (CR 546) in Auburndale, Florida, this expansive land presents a canvas for visionary developers seeking to shape vibrant communities.

Approved for multi-family apartment buildings, this site offers the promise of 312 keys, setting the stage for a dynamic residential enclave. But that’s just the beginning. As part of a larger development, this parcel is poised to integrate seamlessly into a diverse tapestry of living options.

Imagine crafting an ecosystem where 233 single-family lots, 266 townhome lots, and an 85-room hotel converge, creating a mosaic of lifestyles within a single, master-planned community. This is more than just real estate; it’s a canvas for innovation and community-building.

Beyond its borders lies an unparalleled blend of convenience and recreation. Just 20 minutes away, families can immerse themselves in the whimsical world of Legoland Florida, while the enchantment of Disney World Resort and the thrill of Universal Studios Florida beckon less than an hour’s drive away.

But it’s not just about attractions; it’s about lifestyle. This development offers more than just homes; it offers an experience. Picture a resort seamlessly integrated into the community, complete with RV parking and bungalow-style units, catering to the desires of modern families seeking adventure and relaxation.

For developers with a vision, this isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a calling. It’s a chance to shape the future of Auburndale, to create a tapestry of living where families thrive, where communities flourish, and where dreams find a home.